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Please be careful if you accept an incentive offer such as as cash in order to use someone's referral links. There are known incidents with several reports that people are being scammed by those who are not paying. Air Miles Shop the Block promo - up to 2, Miles self. I checked for Quebec and getting 7 offers is really, but really easy. You only need 25L worth of fuel, you can buy the difference with in-store purchases. Make sure to read the fine print, Shell GC are excluded but the other ones should work!

No, there is no real confirmation that you would have done 7 offers. I suggest you keep all the receipts when you go in store as long as you don't get all the air miles in your account. I have that fear of getting 7 offers but somehow only 6 get registered and I miss on air miles. Anyone know if I can combine the offers from different provinces?

Also, my air miles card is under my wife's name, I wonder if I could just order a card for myself and get a second miles.

I don't see anything about being limited to 1 per address. If you have to run around town going to different arbitrary stores making trivial purchases for a few bucks it's not really free then, is it. In my day we called it being an intern.

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For this promo I'll only go to stores I already visit anyway. I get a free trip or two every year with Air Miles and I don't even take collecting seriously. Guess I'm just not as smart as you. My wife and i collect about airmiles per year.

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In addition, some of the fee based cards offer a discount on the Air Miles required on a redemption. In my opinion, while these cards will boost your Air Miles balance, there are better returns to be found elsewhere. This is enough for a flight to a neighboring province. Finally, you can sometimes double dip on grocery promotions. This can result in thousands of extra Air Miles a year, but likely not a strategy that I would follow due to the impact on my credit score.

Once you get serious about collecting Air Miles, the more you collect, the better it gets. Once you hit 1, miles in a calendar year, Air Miles will put you in their Gold program. If you reach 6, miles in a calendar year, you will reach the Onyx level.


While I have not completely jumped on the Air Miles wagon yet, these are the tips that I have accumulated thus far. For Air Miles collectors reading this, what are your tips? Hey Everyone!! Great article..

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Nothing beats the redemptions for flights, and we fly a lot. I accumulated a lot of air miles by referring the platinum american express. That was a big one. Simply posted on Facebook how many I was accumulating and away I went. I also make sure I purchase anything online via airmilesshops. They had a 25X bonus and I bought an iPad and I think my macbook both times during that event.

Generally the stores that offer air miles are not the cheapest ones. We do most of our grocery shopping at Costco but shop at Safeway also for convenience. One that you forgot to mention was Safeway out in Western Canada. They offer Airmiles on many items. The are often offered in conjunction with other sales.

So you can buy some stuff and stock up on items that you use anyways and get lots of bonus airmiles. One of the tricks I use is to double dip. I buy gas at Shell and use my airmiles card and then I use my airmiles credit card to pay for it. So I get two sets of airmiles on the same purchase. Great post. BMO recently released their new card for airmiles http: Collectors must pay taxes, fuel surcharges and other applicable charges and fees on air, hotel and car rental rewards. Travel Rewards may be subject to a minimum advance booking and availability from participating Suppliers.

Merchandise Rewards include all taxes, shipping and handling costs. No cancellations, exchanges or refunds for tickets, certificates or merchandise once booked or ordered.

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LoyaltyOne, Inc. You must first activate your Collector Account by setting your balance preference to allocate some or all of the reward miles you earn after activation to your Cash balance. Visit airmiles. You must have accumulated sufficient reward miles in the Cash balance of your Collector Account in order to redeem reward miles towards your purchases at participating Sponsor locations.

Purchases are required to accumulate reward miles. You must inform the Sponsor that you want to redeem reward miles and present your Collector Card at time of purchase. For complete details, visit airmiles.

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